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The logs are debarked and sawn to selected dimensions. The boards are then transported directly to the microwave dryer, which enables an optimized process where time-consuming steps such as storage and stacking are removed.

The boards are transported through the dryer on a conveyor belt where the lumber, unlike hot air drying, is not dried in batches but the boards are dried individually in a constant flow - ensuring production rates at high levels.

When the boards are transported through the dryer, sensors and instruments measure the unique properties of the boards. They in turn communicate with the dryer's control system, which controls how the drying process is to be adapted for each individual board. The boards are thus dried in the way that is optimal for its properties, which gives the highest possible quality.

What makes this unique technology possible is that MicroDri uses knowledge about traditional drying from the industry and combines it with new cutting-edge technology from the defense company SAAB and world-leading expertise in microwave technology.

By using microwave technology to dry the lumber, it’s also possible to digitize and electrify the process. With the use of green energy MicroDri enables an environmentally friendly solution for large-scale drying that promotes a globally accelerated transition to fossil-free wood production.

When the boards have been dried to the target moisture ratio, they are stacked and sent for post-processing, after which they are packaged and sent to the end customer.


production line

A production process that is interconnected, from start to finish, from saw to packaging.

Faster drying &
shorter lead times

The flexible and highly efficient microwave technology enables a fast drying process

Optimized drying for
each board

The drying process is adapted
for each individual boards unique characteristics.

An electrified drying process

An environmentally friendly solution that enables a fossil-free lumber production.

Our journey

The idea behind MicroDri started in 2019 when a collaboration between the defense and security company SAAB and the business incubator LEAD, in Linköping, was initiated. The joint project that was started had the goal of finding a new use for the advanced microwave technology that SAAB possesses and to further develop this technology for new applications with the aim of electrifying and enabling increased sustainability in drying and heating processes.

During the project representatives from both parties participated and worked together. From the SAAB-owned company Combitech, employees with over 50 years of experience from construction and development of microwave technology participated, and from the incubator LEAD, Markus Tornberg and Victor Borén, who are trained in business development and entrepreneurship at the incubator, participated. The 6 month project resulted in an identified need within the saw mill industry for a new drying process and the parties chose to found the company MicroDri. A development project is now run by MicroDri and the owners Leif Erlandsson, Markus Tornberg, Olle Granath, Victor Borén and SAAB Ventures with the aim of developing a microwave-based drying process for the sawmill industry.

When successfully reaching our goal, we'll have a cost-effective drying technology that provides a high-quality yield and easily handles today's production speeds. This technology will then be developed to an MVP that a few players will have the opportunity to buy and test in their own production - where they by doing so will be at the forefront of the industry and lead the way in the development of the drying methodology of the future.
SAAB realizes the great potential that the technology has and finances the development of the pilot which is ongoing in 2021. During the year MicroDri will invite stakeholders to demonstrations where they will get the chance to see this technology in operation and witness how it works in practice.

During next year, 2022, MicroDri will build the first commercial MVP products on site at our customer sawmills, an exciting phase that we are very much looking forward to.


Niclas Lövgren

Director of Co-founder
SAAB Ventures

Leif Erlandssom

Industry advisor
& Co-founder


Victor Borén

CEO & Co-founder

Mikael Edde

Industry advisor
& Co-founder




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